Monday, January 19

First Tantrum: Eleven Months

Erin: Can you even remember when he was just a little blob that lay there staring back at us, with no reactions to anything.
Noah: Yeah, barely.
Erin: And now he's a little manipulator.
Noah: You know, I feel like the whole fake sneezing thing is even a form of manipulation, because he knows we're going to say "bless you."
Erin: Yeah, maybe. But it's really cute.
Noah: From now on, I'm no longer going to say "bless you" unless it's a real sneeze.
Erin: Don't you think you're taking this a little too far?
Noah: I think fake coughing and sneezing all day is taking it a little too far.


Maggie May said...

i found your blog and am enjoying it= my last name is Ethridge, i'm a writer, married with three kids, from the South, Mississippi born, with family in Nashville :) we spent a week there a few years ago and it was 105 the whole time :)

Sarah Von Bargen said...

Oh, Ethan. It seems you have a miniature teenager on your hands. Next thing you know, he'll be rolling his eyes over your fashion choices and acting like he doesn't know you.

Erin said...

Very nice to have you here, Maggie May! Sounds like we have quite a few random things in common. How fun.

And Sarah Von: I think you've hit the nail on the head. I'm thinking of reading "Parenting the Strong-willed Child."

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