Thursday, December 18

Public service announcement

Here's what happened: My mom dropped her cell phone into her cup of tea. And naturally, it stopped working.

One might think such an incident would be a freak accident, but not if you know my mom. This is the woman who last Christmas set a dishcloth and a box of tea bags on fire—with our electric stove.

So just in case you ever happen to drop your cell phone into a body of water (even the toilet—though it would serve you right, for talking on the phone in the bathroom), here's my mom's excellent tip for drying it out and returning it to (almost) normal function: Place it in a bowl of rice.

Dry rice, my mom wants me to be sure to make that distinction. Placing your damp cell phone into a bowl of cooked rice would probably only make things worse.

Apparently, the rice absorbs moisture like nobody's business. Now, her phone is back in working order, with the only caveat being the person on the other end of the line has to yell in order to be heard. So maybe mom and I should switch phones, because she tends to yell while on the phone anyway.

Happy cell phone dunking!


Anonymous said...

That's... really quite an amazing tip! I'd never have thought to try that!

Le Merveilleux Chef said...

Well, I've lost two phones to water incidents. One being pushed into a pool with it in my pocket and the other being knocked into the toilet (gasp!). I swear I wasn't talking on it ;)

Wish I had known about the rice trick...although I wouldn't have tried to salvage the toilet phone even if biologists confirmed that it was sanitized and germ free.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

I enjoy reading the convos between you and your husband, just darling ;)

Dusty @AllThingsG+D said...

Oh wow--very interesting! I'll have to pass this little tid-bit on to my friend Jill. She has similar incidents with her cell phone on a regular basis. Well, maybe not completely similar--unless your mom tends to drop her phone in the rain while walking home at bar time, too.

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