Friday, December 12


This little guy is Jac Jac, a Pecanpal wooden toy character created by the husband and wife creative team, Noferin.

First of all, the fact that "Erin" is in the name behind all this is Kismet Point #1.

In the description of Jac Jac's personality, one will happen across this little tidbit: "Jac Jac enjoys reading, but he has no time for stories."

This is Kismet Point #2, and here's why: A couple of years ago, when we were still living in our apartment, Noah and I were curled up on our (second-hand, ratty) couch watching TV. I fell asleep. It was getting late, so Noah nudged me and walked me back to bed to tuck me in (I know, how sweet). As he leaned over to kiss my forehead, I sleepily asked, "Are you coming to bed now?" Noah began to reply, "Well, I was thinking..." when I rather rudely cut him off with a sharp "I don't have time for stories, yes or no." To which he, not surprisingly, answered no.

So, once these puppies are back in stock, I'd say a Jac Jac on my bedside stand would be a gentle reminder to Noah that I don't always want to talk about feelings. Sometimes, I just want the cold, hard facts.


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