Friday, December 19

Creative financing

I told Kathryn that I wanted 5% of any proceeds from obtaining an MBA when I read over her scholarship thank-you notes.

She agreed, as long as I put the money in Ethan's college fund. Which is actually not a bad idea, since we only have about 17.25 years left to scrounge up the coin for what will inevitably be the huge expense of higher education in the year 2023. Wow I can't believe I just typed that; you know, acknowledging that Ethan will one day be a *teenager*... and *college*... Sorry, just one moment while I HYPERVENTILATE.

Overheard: Ethan, do you want to be a policeman when you grow up, like Daddy? No, you're going to go to college and get a good job. But there's one good thing about Daddy being a policeman. Can you say "job security"? There will always be knuckleheads.

At the moment, we're debating between getting childcare and starting that college fund. I'm thinking we start putting money away for Ethan's education, and let him take care of himself. No, really. He's advanced. You should see his mastery of using thumb and forefinger, pincer-style.

Plus, think how much more prepared for independence he'd be than his peers come senior year.

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