Tuesday, November 18

Seven Random Things About Me

1) I hate confrontation, unless I'm really steaming angry. Although I do have somewhat of a temper, I have to be really cheesed off to get into a confrontation. I don't even answer calls that I know are telemarketers, because I don't want to have to tell them to leave me alone. I once bought two magazine subscriptions from a peppy door-to-door salesgirl because I didn't have the heart not to open the door after I saw her hopping around in the cold on our doorstep (plus I figured she could hear the TV, and so knew there was somebody home).

2) One of my greatest fears as a child was that someone would be hiding behind the shower curtain. And no, I had never seen Psycho. On a related note, I never liked a billboard in L.A. featuring a Seiko watch ad, because the word Seiko made me think of the word psycho, and who wants to dwell on that?

3) The first night Noah and I spent time together as friends, I wondered if I'd marry him.

4) With the exception of Reese's cups, I prefer peanut butter in a savory rather than sweet context. This is a big distinction for me, because I have a mental impasse at the crossroads of sweet and salty.

5) When I saw Dan in Real Life, I was six months pregnant. I cried through the entire last third of the movie. I'm pretty sure I inspired the stranger (a woman) sitting in the seat next to me cry. Or maybe she was laughing. At me. Hard to say (it was very dark).

6) Apollo 13 is my favorite movie. Something about it captivated me when I first saw it as a kid. Since then, I've become a semi-closeted semi-space nerd. I don't keep up to date with all the details of NASA's shenanigans, but I could tell you a heckuva lot of facts about the Space Race.

7) Most of the first dishes I prepared as a married lady failed miserably, including the from-scratch cake I forgot to put baking powder in (which Noah attempted to eat, because we were newlyweds and he thus preferred to gnaw on vanilla-flavored rubber than to hurt my feelings). To this day he still gives me incredulous looks whenever he thinks I'm veering from a recipe and "cooking from the heart."

Care to share seven random things about yourself?


Dusty @AllThingsG+D said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And I'm happy to hear you're enjoying Twilight. I promised G I'd be done after I finished reading the final book (makes sense, right?) But nope--now I'm re-reading book 3. And then I'll probably re-read book 4. It's a vicious cycle and I'm spiralling right into it, lol!

I loved that scene in "Dan In Real Life" when Steve Carell's character takes over singing "Let My Love Open the Door". Gah! So good! That part def. got me teary-eyed!

Erin said...

That is the exact part where I started crying. And then didn't stop for the rest of the movie. Glad you stopped by as well!

Anonymous said...

Fact 7 is very similar to my once flopped rice crispy treats. Yes, rice crispy treats. I forgot the butter, and Bob insisted on eating them even though they were rock hard. The entire slate of crispy's came out of the pan and he started munching on a 8 x 10 treat.

Anonymous said...

Hey space nerd, greetings from Kuwait... I'll send a full-length email soon. But I just saw this post and wanted to suggest to you "The Right Stuff" by Tom Wolfe. It's about the early days of the space program - or, more precisely, it's about the men who were chosen as the first astronauts. I just finished it before I left; Wolfe is probably my favorite writer and this is one of this best. Highly recommended!

I'll be in touch.

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