Monday, November 10

On Hunting

Noah: I've been thinking it would be cool if I got a rifle.
Erin: Um ... what?
Noah: You know. I could learn to use it and go hunt a deer for its meat and get someone to dress it.
Erin: Yeah ... I guess you could.
Noah: Besides, I love veal.
Erin: You mean venison?
Noah: ...
Erin: ...
Noah: Maybe I should just find a cow to shoot.


Anonymous said...

The cow population is out of control. I think they government needs to add extra cow hunting seasons or increase the number of cows that can be bagged by hunters.


Sarah Von Bargen said...

Ahahaha! On a vaguely related note, I once had an arch-nemesis who didn't know that glass came from sand. Genius.

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