Friday, November 21

Ode to the Nerd in Noah

Who needs a fancy-schmansy wireless Internet card for your Xbox when you have a thirty-foot long Ethernet cable?

(Also, you like our cool new space-saving computer desk? Yeah, that's a bookcase with a small desktop attached to the middle shelf, courtesy of me and Lowe's last Saturday. Thanks for the great idea, This Young House! Next up: Get a cool stool for under the desk instead of a folding chair.)

* * * * *

Noah's status in college as an almost English minor has turned him into the most dangerous kind of pundit there is: Someone who knows enough to think he has an expansive vocabulary, but who often gets it slightly wrong. So that he ends up being way more offensive, or suggestive, than he means to be.

Noah: You exacerbate me.
Erin: Exacerbate?
Noah: Wait, how do you say that?
Erin: Exasperate.

* * * * *
An ode to one of the most nerd-loved film series in history set to musical themes from the most-loved nerd movies in history, presented in one of the nerdiest fashions possible, and I'd say that's a winning nerdtastic combo.

Thanks for the tip, Alissa!

* * * * *

I love how he's truly giving it a go at being supportive of my newfound crafty turn.

Noah: Why don't you just forget the comforter and make the dubay?
Erin: Dubay?
Noah: Du...bai?
Erin: Dubai. Like the country?
Noah: Dubai... dubay... BIDET!
Erin: The thing you clean your butt with?
Noah: Wait, what is it?
Erin: Duvet.

* * * * *

And just in case we ever get to Middle Earth, at least we'll know what to call ourselves thanks to this highly informative, frighteningly well-researched website.

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Unknown said...

Amazingly Will made the same mistake about exacerbate and exasperate one time! I was so proud to actually be able to correct (and define the words) for him instead of the other way around for once!

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