Tuesday, November 4

From the Archive, Vol. 2

If you're wondering to yourself, Is that a younger Noah pretending to ride a Star Wars speeder bike in Orlando, Florida?, the answer is, Yes it is.

We weren't even engaged at this point, and somehow I wasn't scared off. I was naively thinking he would change.

Alas, he did not.

So when he whisked me away on a romantic trip to Washington, D.C., naturally Star Wars had to play a part. Apparently even the Smithsonian recognizes the Force's power to turn grown men into little boys.

I won't mention the time Noah threw out his back and had to confess that he did it while pretending a roll of wrapping paper was a light saber.

The thing about marriage is it's a give and take. In spite of myself, it seems that I've done my fair share of adapting.

Who knew Yoda could be so cute? And as for my own costume, I really have no defense.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is so cute! Look at Ethan's precious little face, I could just eat those cheeks! (Oh... yours too, Erin!)

Sarah Von Bargen said...

Ohmygod. Is that Yoda edible? Because that cuteness is kind of drool-inducing.

Sue McGivern said...

my husband thinks yous two are ejits (I kinda agree with him!!!!) - but lovin the yoda look on the wee man!

Erin said...

Next year we'll try to go for something more sophisticated. Like Lord of the Rings.

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