Friday, October 3

Working furiously

Okay, so I'm having a lot of fun with this blog and totally relishing the fact that there are a handful of people who actually read it.

So I'm improving things. Slowly but surely. (As you can see, I'm posting this rather late on a Friday night. Because I'm turning into a really bad computer nerd as if computer nerd isn't bad enough, I'm a really bad one because I am really bad at it. As it always happens with ignorance, you don't know you are until you know you are. Ya get me?)

Let me take a moment to point out the simple new features that took me far too long to figure out, features that anyone with the most basic knowledge of code could have done in under 30 minutes.

Item Number One: You'll notice my dramatic, mysterious profile photo. Not only is there now a PHOTO, I've updated my profile with some new tidbits. Go check it out. All I'll say is, there is now a mention of underwear.

Item Number Two: You'll notice the heading "Fierce Photos" beneath the profile. If you click on the image, it'll take you to my new Flickr account, where I'll be posting supplementary photo albums. Because apparently anyone with half a brain and some interesting photos uses Flickr to share them. The first thing I'm sharing? The long-awaited before and after shots of Fall Project No. 1 (aka The Dresser Refinishing). Alls you gotta do is click on the image in my sidebar, then once you're on Flickr click on the album to the right of the image, and all your questions will be answered. Also, you'll be able to view any other albums and photos I post there.

Item Number Three: Scroll down and you'll see in the sidebar to the right a new introduction to the cast of characters on The Fierce Beagle, from the hottie hubby to the krazy kitties and of course, the bouncing baby.

Also, I realize it was shameful of me to wag my finger at you in regards to leaving comments without offering anything in return. From here on out, I solemnly promise that I will respond to your comments within the comments, so check back a day or so after you leave one, and I'll have left a brilliant, witty response. Scout's honor. Even though I was only a scout for about three weeks before I got bored with making things out of Popsicle sticks and deciding who was going to do the CHORES on the upcoming camping trip. (Assigning CHORES?! Is that really the way to boost retention?)

I'm delving deeper, my friends. Join me in the depths. Breathing apparatus will be provided.


Sarah Von Bargen said...

Oooh! I have my snorkle - and in related news, I got a blog award and I wanted to pass it on to you! See: So there! vq

Erin said...

Why, thank you dear Internet friend! And congrats on your recognition. Consider yourself the first official member of Blogger Friends of the Fierce Beagle, LLC.

Anonymous said...

hey so I've been meaning to post comments on your blog for so long, so I'm finally just doing it...I LOVE it!! Definently adds a much needed dose of humor to my day, and I look forward to it each day! I even read tidbits to my cranky and typically slightly hung-over co-workers...they are also fans. Much love to you.

Erin said...

Why, Carrie, I'm positively tearing up. Love to you too, Mrs. Potts!

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