Thursday, October 2

In which I dissect reality

So we're watching Survivor again. We'll go a couple of seasons without paying attention, then return to it with penitence and contrition, and it always takes us back. I mean, it's been on TV for like 12 years. It'll be there whenever you need it. This time, we were wooed by the first season in true HD. IT'S ABOUT TIME.

Of course, you have the usual cast of characters:
-The Token Older Wiser Guy
-The Token Crusty Old Grump Guy
-The Token Large-Chested Corporate Woman
-The Token Ditsy Waitress
-The Token Good-Looking Guy Who You Think Might Be Gay But Is Actually Straight
-The Token Gay Guy
-The Token Way-too-skinny Weak Girl
-The Token Spunky Grandmother
-The Token Not-interesting-enough-to-be-anything-but-eye-candy Girls
-The Token Guy Who Came From A Rough Background and Is Redeeming His Life
-The Token Personal Trainer and/or Yoga Instructor
-The Token Guy With the Foreign Accent
-The Token Middle-aged Minority Women Who Just Might Get to the End
-The Token Awesome Athlete and/or Millionaire Who Won't Admit to It Until Someone Recognizes Them

And that, my friends, is a synopsis of the whole season to come. But let's face it, if I have to choose between watching people try to jump through weirdly shaped holes in moving walls for an hour, either that or Survivor, it's gonna be Survivor every time.

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