Thursday, October 2

If Nickelodeon ever needs a political commentator, they know who to call

I definitely have strong political opinions, but I prefer to keep them to myself unless asked, and let my voting be my voice.

However, I just got roped into watching the vice presidential debate, and I can't help but share my reaction.

I would like to hear Sarah Palin provide the voice for a Saturday morning cartoon character, someone similar to Bobby's mom on Bobby's World. What I wouldn't give to hear her say, "Gee golly, Bobby!" And darned if she didn't nearly do it.

I would like to hear Joe Biden read me a bedtime story, preferably something from Tolkien or Lewis, heck even someone less fantastical and more earthy, like Norman Maclean. In fact, if I ever direct a movie that requires a weathered man for the voice-over, he's number one on my list.


Anonymous said...

But Biden would be wasted as a voice-over. I think he's quite handsome -- that smile. But maybe I'm just showing my age. I suppose he looks like a grandpa to you, daughter dear.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Biden is too polished and politicky to be weathered. The perfect role for him is the happy drunk who amuses everyone with ribald one-liners throughout the opening scenes, but then offers some much-needed, heartfelt advice to the protagonist right when he needs it most. "If you love her, SHOW her that you love her. Whatever it takes."

Erin said...

You guys are right. I was thinking wrong. See? Political talk doesn't have to be nasty.

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