Monday, October 27

Dog Ownership: A Study

Pro: Eats baby’s spilled food off the floor, even if it’s just generic oat rings.
Con: Eats baby’s food off of highchair tray when nobody’s looking.

Pro: Scarfs down “weird bits” of leftover meat.
Con: Scarfs down leg of Thanksgiving turkey when nobody’s looking.

Pro: Provides hours of outdoor frolicking fun.
Con: Provides hours of search-and-rescue missions after learning how to let himself out through the front storm door when nobody’s looking.

Pro: Becoming best friends with baby.
Con: Becoming best friends with baby’s dirty face and hands when nobody’s looking.

Pro: Waits patiently to be given afternoon snack.
Con: Waits patiently to steal afternoon snack out of the litter box when nobody’s looking.

Pro: Loves to cuddle on the bed.
Con: Loves to chew bed linens when nobody’s looking.

Pro: Has charming habit of chewing sticks.
Con: Has not-so-charming habit of chewing sticks in the house when nobody’s looking.

Pro: Adept at frightening off potential threats to the house.
Con: Adept at misinterpreting benign woodland creatures, neighbors, and vegetation as being potential threats to the house.

After reviewing this list, I’ve learned two things:
1) Apparently, nobody’s looking quite often.
2) Apparently, our dog is something of an opportunist.


Unknown said...

It's not that no one is looking quite often - it's that Cody has somehow mastered the Art of Incognito!

Anonymous said...

I think that Cody is a cross between a beagle and a Ninja (thought I'd throw the Ninja aspect in it since everyone loves Ninjas...and beagles).


Kyle Townsley said...

hahahaha great comment dad. so true. everyone loves ninjas. and also beagles. and also, i'm a ninja.

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