Wednesday, October 22

Choose your own adventure

You're sitting on the couch. There's a baby playing on the floor. Suddenly a whiff of stinky air rises from the rear section of the baby and hits your nose. You decide to check his diaper, only to discover there is no poopy.

To be Mommy, jump down one line. To be Daddy, jump down two lines:

Mommy: "Oops! No poops, just tooters!"

Daddy: "There's no crap; it's just some trapped gas."


Sarah Von Bargen said...

Tooters: I love it. Also knows as 'Poofs' or 'Making the Stinky' in the Von Yes household.

Erin said...

My mom always said girls don't fart, they poof. And it smells like roses.

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