Tuesday, September 30

We believe in non-traditional education

Most parents would stick to the script on the back of the educational card. But not Noah. He likes to teach what really matters.

"See, Ethan? Leaf. Leaf. Or leaves. Like elves or dwarves."

Also, we're training him to shuffle cards in hopes he'll one day find a career in Vegas. As a backup, we're teaching him circus moves (hence the rings on the leg, a feat that he accomplished himself. He's a quick study).


Anonymous said...

Just in case no one gets the references to elves or dwarves...the family are big fans of TLOTR (all 3). You should see (as Sharon says) Noah's "tawr" (or for those who don't speak Norn Irelund fluently the "tower") which is on display on a shelf in the house. As bright as Ethan is he will soon master the language of Quenya (elf speak).


Sarah Von Bargen said...

I think that Ethan probably needs to know when to use 'who' and 'whom' as well. And he probably needs to know *right now.* ;)

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