Tuesday, September 9

Until Thursday

Today I spent working furiously on a guide for the city of London, and also recovering from yet another upchuck-inducing illness. Tomorrow evening I will be recovering from working furiously on a guide for London, and attempting to avoid upchucking on principal: We'll be flying out of one of my least-favorite airports, Charlotte Douglas International.

One last word on throwing up, and I'll move on. I have, on average, lost my lunch (and breakfast, and dinner, afternoon snack, prebedtime drink of water...) twice per month since the day Ethan was born. And that's not even going near the 10 weeks of all-day sickness in the first trimester. This is emotionally taxing, because barfing is also on my list of least-favorite things to do.

I'm currently reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, and learning about how sick cows get by being unnaturally fed corn, which they can't actually digest, makes me want to only shop at Whole Foods for organic, grass-fed, free-range meat. I have a feeling my health and wellness would be at a much higher standard at the moment if I was organic, grass-fed, and free-range. I feel sad for the cows who suffer on feedlots, being pumped full of antibiotics to try and combat illnesses and diseases that should be easily preventable. But sickness breeds more sickness. This is what I have learned.

We'll be in Chicago for a long weekend, a trip that I hope will go better than our last trip to Chicago, in which I brought a plaguelike stomach virus into the household that forced the entire family to miss Carrie's wedding, the reason we went to Chicago that weekend in the first place.

Pray for us.


Anonymous said...

Just in case you wanted any synonyms for vomit (since you seem to dwell on it so much in your blogs), check out these words: throw up, eject, bring up, spit up, hurl, retch, ruminate, regurgitate, belch forth, spew out, spew up, puke*, barf*, toss one's cookies*, lose one's lunch*, chunder* (Australian).
And here is another wonderful quote about vomit: "Like Rome, Nkongsamba was built on seven hills, but there all similarity ended. Set in undulating tropical rain forest, from the air it resembled nothing so much as a giant pool of crapulous vomit on somebody's expansive unmown lawn."

—Boyd,William Andrew Murray

No cookie tossing while here in Chicago please.


Unknown said...

You're being brain washed. Stop reading.

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