Wednesday, October 1


I'm really proud of Noah and his choice to be a police officer. I can tell you this much: He doesn't fit the stereotype. But the absolute hardest part about it is, hands down, the schedule.

Because he's one of the least senior members of his platoon, he was "nominated" to work the Dixie Classic Fair all of next week a task that is so much fun that when volunteers were requested, a grand total of zero stepped forward. The worst thing (at least for me) is that instead of working his second rotation on the day shift, he's now working an EXTRA rotation of evening shift. Which means four evening/night shifts in a row.

I do pretty well on the nights he's gone, all things considered, but with crap like this I've had it up to here (raising arms above head and jumping). Our evenings go smoothly until about half an hour before he has to leave. That's when I start coming up with brilliant reasons for him to call in and stay home.

Such as:
- that rash has flared up again
- no clean undies
- you can't find your duty belt
- I hid your duty belt
- you have the flu
- you're feverish
- your car and radio both broke
- I slipped you a roofie
- some punk kids slashed your tires
- I'm in labor (even though that one's not really plausible anymore, I still drop it in when I get really desperate)

I also try to tempt him to burn vacation or sick or personal days with empty and/or unlikely promises that are usually in some way related to my wifely responsibilities and I'm not talking laundry, if you catch my drift. I would never promise laundry.

There's been talk around the department (and at the paper, for that matter) that the new chief is going to institute a permanent shift system. I'll be meeting the chief next month at the Behind the Blue Line meeting (that's the non-profit spouses' organization), and I am fully prepared to assert my position on that issue and any others the chief feels compelled to seek my opinion on.

Like the time Jen offered her opinion on some of her hubby's shoddy equipment when they ran into the chief and his family while out to dinner.

I just hope I can be half the man she was.


Unknown said...

I believe half a woman equates to more than half a man so I know you really mean "half the woman she was" :) I'm glad I can be inspiring! And Will says I am now "famous" because I'm on the Internet! Thanks for making me famous!

Erin said...

Well, physically speaking, YOU'RE half the woman I am, so it all evens out. And tell Will that he should begin preparing for the paparazzi onslaught once I start referring to you as a frenemie.

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