Thursday, September 4

Do anyone else's airways burn?

Put together an upper respiratory infection with a late afternoon trip to the dentist for two fillings, and I call that a winning combo for a fabulous day. Word to the wise: After having two fillings, when the dental hygienist gives you some mouthwash and tells you to swish, be prepared to instead spit the mouthwash across the exam room floor because you will still be numb but you won't realize it. And even though she tells you it's okay, it happens all the time, she will be lying.

When I got home, Noah had just gotten in from work. Ethan was still at nursery school, and I saw an opportunity. I half-heartedly tried to sing "I feel like making love," but apparently a contagious raspy cough and a half-frozen face don't spell romance to Noah. Also, it's hard to get the point across when the lyric comes out as "I feed like makib lub," accompanied by projectile drool.

In the end it worked out for the best, because I really felt more like lying on the couch and watching The Office Season 4 than makib lub.

I don't care what anyone says: Season 4 ROCKS.

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