Wednesday, September 17

Day Two of Erin's Self-Improvement Regimen

Hair: Check. Sort of. Washed and brushed.

Outfit: Check. Blue and green floaty blouse, khakis, jean jacket.

Makeup: Will try again tomorrow.

Ironing: ...

Eating Well: DanActive yogurt, Kashi granola bar, leftover chili for lunch, homemade veggie-sausage and turkey-bacon pizza with salad for dinner, unconscionable amount of Sour Patch Kids.

Exercising: Checkish. Burned three calories slowly walking the neighborhood and ogling other people's color schemes in an attempt to decide what color to paint our shutters, which is one of our fall projects under the category of...

General Aura of Organizatoin and Control: Utter failure. Forgot to take a small covered bowl of ice cream brought home as a surprise for Noah out of purse. Discovery of purse and all contents covered in chocolatey soup this morning. Debated whether to clean it at work, or do as Mom suggested: Hand it to Noah with a spoon. Cleaned contents, including two duck bill quackers and a magnet featuring a crustacean saying "I'm crabby." Noted to self: clean out purse more often.

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Anonymous said...

Is that Mayberry's ice cream you speak of? lol

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