Thursday, August 28

Not in any way malicious

After a serious research study (backed by Wikipedia), I have discovered that the snakes the cats brought into our house are luckily a very benign genus called carphophis, which are often mistaken for EARTHWORMS. Can you hear the trumpets? You know, the ones playing my victory hymn? Because Noah was all uppity about the fact that I confused a snake with an earthworm?

So, HA.


Anonymous said...

While you're confusion began at the difference between snakes and earthworms nothing compares to the embarrassment of my confusion.
I was riding down the highway, unfortunately with a witness in the passenger seat, and I was quick to point out a hot guy who quickly passed us in the left lane. I spent the next couple minutes feverishly trying to catch up to what could be the man of my dreams....much to my dismay though the hot guy I was chasing ended up being an older woman in a hat, not attractive at all if I may add. Don’t worry; I’ve been given grief for this in the years since, mostly by myself. But you know what? I think sometimes our eyes play tricks on us and make us see what we want to see. For me it was the man I was going to marry, for you Erin, it was an earthworm.

Anonymous said...

My parents seem to attract neighbors who mow their entire lawn then proceed to blow all of their loose-grass and scraps into my parents drive-way. They also have neighbors across the street who refuse to mow or weedeat around my parents mailbox which just happens to sit in their yard due to this thing we call the U.S. Postal Service.

I personally like my neighbors who refuse to get a trash can, so they throw their untied trash out at the curb a few days in advance of trash collection. Needless to say they feed the homeless cats in the neighborhood and they probably don't even realize it. I'm sure I could go on and on, but this is your blog isn't it? =)

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