Wednesday, August 6

Next stop, the Ivy League

Yesterday afternoon, daycare dropped a bomb on us. Ethan will be changing classes on Monday, from Infant A to Infant B.

I WAS NOT EMOTIONALLY READY FOR THIS, PEOPLE. How dare they say that he is no longer welcome among the youngest of the babies. It’s like the very second he’s able to eat some solids...

and wobbily sit for a count of 10 without his giant head pulling him toward the floor and into a record-breaking sit-and-reach...

the INSTANT he does something other than stare blankly into space like the 2-month-olds...

they fling him into Infant B. What's next, DRIVER'S ED?

Naturally I’m feeling all the things every parent feels when their child reaches a milestone: Is he really ready for this? How will he adjust to his new surroundings? Is he mature enough to handle the pressures involved?

I mean, the kids in Infant B sit up unassisted. They crawl around, pull themselves up to standing —
they eat MINI MUFFINS.

Sure Infant A and B are just two halves of the same room separated only by a baby gate that is often left open, BUT STILL.

One consolation is that Big Bubba, one of Ethan’s good (and rather large) friends, is moving up at the same time. Hopefully they can help each other with the transition.

Then again, I think this kid just might be ready for anything:

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