Monday, August 4

Adventures in Domesticity

Last Christmas, Noah bought me a sewing machine on the sly. I hadn’t asked for one, but he’s really good at thinking of things that are totally surprising but also things I’ll use. Actually, I think the sewing machine was directly inspired by my love of Project Runway. This Christmas I’m hoping for John Krasinski.

So far all I’ve sewed is a tablecloth, which is pretty much the only one we use regardless of the fact that it looks like a three-fingered kindergartener made it. Over the weekend, I took it one further. I’m making couch pillows.

My good friend Jen said she’d help me since she’s an accomplished quilter. She’s also agreed to help me start a vegetable garden this spring. I believe she will come to regret both. Being a writer, I’m typically better at sounding well-rounded than actually being well-rounded, so I threw her for a loop when my answer to “What do you need to know for your garden?” was “How to grow vegetables.”

I really thought I was making some progress with the whole sewing thing until Noah, in an attempt to sound interested and supportive, asked what kind of fabric I was using and all I could come up with was, “Um, cotton…ish?”

Nevertheless, I have successfully sewed two of the four pillows. But there’s still plenty of room to screw things up, particularly since after stuffing them I’ll have to close the holes by hand stitching. Fingers crossed they turn out better than the whale-shaped pillow I made in 8th grade home economics, which is actually hazardous due to the straight pin I accidentally left in one of the seams.

And to those of you who are impressed with this web site’s new masthead, I cannot take the credit. I’d like to thank Alissa The Design Genius (that is her official name) for donating her most excellent skills. I’m fully aware that once I become famous she will sue for royalties.

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