Wednesday, August 27

Abuses of power

The other day, Ethan had his six-month checkup. I wasn't able to be there, which I was both relieved and a bit sad about, because I knew he had to get shots. I hate seeing him in pain, but I also hate not being there to comfort him.

So, when we got home that evening, I did for him what I normally do when I'm feeling down and need a pick-me-up: We took a bath and watched When Harry Met Sally.

By way of disclosure, this is a different bath experience. But Noah felt it would be inappropriate to post photos of me in the bath with Ethan, even though I insisted that everyone would only be looking at the baby.

One major benefit of parenthood is all the joy a baby brings, even in otherwise difficult times. It helps that he's too little to complain about being the object of our hilarity.

We just told him this was to help prepare him for our trip to India. He bought it.

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He looks somewhat like a cross between a Shriner and a Sikh...

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